Evaluation equipment of mechanical properties and residual stress using IIT at Micro-scale

Mechanical Properties Test Micro-AIS evaluate tensile properties and residual stresses of the test subjects of very small dimensions (Micrometers), such as fine-welded parts and coated layers.

Through the Vision system automatic stages, the test position can be identified and designated. Moreover, precision test for major parts is made available through automatic and screening tests.


ModelMicro AIS
Size (Weight)13 x 12 x 35 inch (280 lbs)
Maximum load4.3 lbf
0.03 gf / 0.01 um
Full stroke1 inch
Loading rate0.1 ~ 20 mm/min
CommunicationRS-422 (USB)
Data Acquisition rate100 points/sec
PowerAC 110 ~ 220V
Analyzing computerDesktop
IndenterMicro Vickers Indenter


  • Non-destructive Residual Stress evaluation for Micro scale material
  • Laboratory type IIT system (Automatic test module)
  • Non-contact displacement sensor and work space efficiency
  • High resolution vision(Max zoom: X1200)
  • Manual operation for Vertical Z-Axis stage moving
  • High quality anti-dust system
  • Uninterruptable power supply(option)
  • Adoptable to Temperature chamber tester(option: -150℃ ~ 1000℃)


  • Residual stress software based on the theory of IIT (Instrumented Indentation Technique)
  • Possible to measure and analyze in real time by using a desktop
  • Possible to load All-in-one software (Tensile properties, fracture toughness software)
  • One-click automatic test (Full automatic software) and adopting software to change a testing location automatically.
  • Embed auto Multi-mapping, selecting, image test modules
  • Possible to perform all of things such as testing, analyzing , collecting DB and making a report with one software.
  • Embed functions such as auto-malfunctioning and error data check.
  • Possible to apply a high & low temperature chamber system and embed checking software. (when embedding a high & low temperature chamber system)

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