Lightweight equipment for tensile properties and residual stress

Portable Test Equipment AIS Compact is designed for on-site application with its maximized portability based on AIS3000 model. AIS Compact features 50% less weight and size with enhanced its functionality for easy

measurement of residual stress and tensile properties on-site. When the wireless communication module, tablet-pc and light weight battery are used, test can be performed in small space with no power supply.


ModelAIS3000 Compact
Size (Weight)3 x 3 x 12 inch (8 lbs)
Maximum load220 lbf
2.5 gf / 0.1 um
Full stroke1 inch
Loading rate0.05 ~ 20 mm/min
CommunicationRS-422 (USB) / Wireless
Data Acquisition rate100 points/sec
PowerAC 110 ~ 220V
Battery2 Hrs in a charge
Analyzing computerRugged laptop
IndenterSpherical Indenter (WC) Dia. 0.5 / 1.0 mm
Vickers Indenter


  • Non-destructive Residual Stress and Tensile properties evaluation
  • Tensile properties inspection device mounted
  • Highly mobile portable inspector (Embeded Interface device)
  • Safe load program
  • Vertical motion limit sensor
  • UMPC included
  • Custom-made available / Option: Sub-miniature type (H:22cm, W: 3.5kg)


  • Tensile properties and Residual stress software based on the theory of IIT (Instrumented Indentation Technique)
  • Possible to measure and analyze in real time by using a laptop or UMPC
  • Possible to load All-in-one software (hardness, fracture toughness software)
  • Possible to use AIS3000 mini software suitable for UMPC.
  • Software adopted with touch-screen method and possible to use AIS3000 software with consisted of a existed external input device.
  • Possible to add analyzing module and customize software by user’s requests
  • Include a function for the beginner in order to control a testing flow.
  • AIS3000 Mini software for working it easily in-situ.

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